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GEORGE MILLAR (another of our local authors)

George Millar's classic memoir of the French resistance and the war against the German occupation forces was published in 1945 just after the end of the war. He reveals what it was like to be hunted day and night by the Gestapo and vividly describes the incredible risks run by ordinary French men and women. From his initial training in England to sabotage operations behind enemy lines, this is the most famous account of the resistance against the Germans.

George Millar won the DSO and MC during the Second World War. He fought in North Africa, was captured by the Germans but managed to escape back to England in time to join SOE. He was parachuted into France in June 1944 to coordinate resistance behind enemy lines.

George now lives in Dorset.

The Bruneval Raid: Stealing Hitler's Radar

One of the reasons the British won the radar war with Nazi Germany was that the British knew precisely how the enemy system worked. This was thanks to a daring commando raid on a German Wurzburg radar site at Bruneval in northern France.

Published in UK - 13 Jun 2002 - 8 illustrations, 4 maps
PAPERBACK £6.99 - ISBN 0-304-36221-2


Horned Pigeon: The Great Escape Story of World War II

George Millars World War II prisoner-of-war escape story conveys the terrifying experience of life on the run in wartime Europe, one step ahead of the Gestapo.

Published in UK -13 Mar 2003

PAPERBACK (B FORMAT) £6.99 - ISBN 0-304-36542-4


Oyster River: One Summer on an Inland Sea

Published in UK - 1 Aug 2003 - 9 illustrations

HARDBACK £17.95 - ISBN 1-904349-26-9

Marquis: The French Resistance at War

Published in UK - 13 Nov 2003

The story of the Resistance in France 1944, told by one of the movement's leaders. In constant danger, and often with little equipment, saboteur-commander George Millar led his group of the Maquis on a series of cloak-and-dagger adventures which challenge the imagination.

PAPERBACK (B FORMAT) £6.99 - ISBN 0-304-36543-2


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