After a decade of bookselling in the San Francisco Bay Area. Antonia decided to relocate back to the UK in 2015.  Trading one bay for another she fell in love with the Jurassic Coast and hasn’t looked back.  Warned along the way that what worked in San Francisco might not work in Bridport, she was not really surprised to discover that yes, in fact, a love of good books is universal!  Antonia’s specialty is Children’s books but she reads quite widely through a variety of genres.  She can be found in the shop most days, except Mondays, because everyone needs a day off.


Having married an American, Anne too lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for a time, and she was thrilled to discover that the new owner of The Bookshop was familiar with her old stomping grounds!  After dragging her husband back to the UK in 1979,  she studied and practiced the visual arts whilst raising a family.  With a ravenous appetite for stories, Anne’s specialties are literary fiction, narrative non-fiction and contemporary thinkers.  Anne can be found in the shop on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Jona has never lived in San Francisco, but his time in Vietnam was very nice, thank you very much.  He was quite pleased to discover, upon moving to Bridport, that there were many bookshops, and even a couple who wanted him to work there.  As a long time bookseller, and a teacher of ESL, Jona’s specialties are Music, Art and Literature.  He can be found in the shop on Friday’s and Saturdays.