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Book of the Week: Dracul

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Dracul by Dacre Stoker & J. D. Barker

In the year 1868 a young Bram Stoker is locked inside an abbey for what is about to be the the most chilling night of his life – one that would shape the history of horror – this is the true origin story of Count Dracula! Told by Stoker’s very own great-grand nephew, Dacre Stoker, Dracul is the gripping novel of our most iconic vampire’s beginnings; inspired by the notes and workings left behind by Bram himself! This is a story of suspense, terror, childhood illnesses, enigmatic nannies, and ungodly monsters. Winning approval from Goosebumps’ creator, R. L. Stine as “a terrifying read that gave me hours of fun”, Dracul is undoubtedly our pick for 2018’s Halloween Book of the Week!


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