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Book of The Week: This is Going to Hurt

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This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay


Doctors see more in a day than most of us see in our lifetimes. They are also apparently funny, feeling, and incredibly dedicated. Well, they rather have to be, given how appallingly they are treated by politicians (always) and patients (more often than fair). Junior Doctors are not without-much-experience as the name might suggest, but are ALL doctors except consultants (who aren’t at the hospital as often as they should be anyway!) I haven’t laughed this hard in ages, nor have I gasped, cringed and cried as much. A superb book full of jaw-dropping, breath-holding and vomit-inducing anecdotes; and while scintillating and riveting readers, it rightfully shames the decision makers such as Jeremy Hunt, for situations the likes of which you’ve never imagined.



Recommended by Antonia


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