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Book Of The Week: Hope Never Dies

////Book Of The Week: Hope Never Dies

Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer


A thrilling, smouldering, unbelievable mystery story that crackles with chemistry – and did we mention that former POTUS Barack Obama and and former vice-POTUS Joe Biden are the detective protagonists? After the dust has settled following their completed second term in the White House, Biden is summoned from his sleepy citizen life by his old pal Barack (enigmatic, charismatic, deeply mysterious and cool), who tells him there’s a case of the highest national security at stake. Can it be? A third spectacular team effort from the presidential duo who we miss with nostalgic fondness? Indeed it is. Side splittingly funny, this book is the fantastical counter-attack we deserve to the deluge of Trump material.


Recommended by Esmeralda

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