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Book Of The Week: Inside The Villains

///Book Of The Week: Inside The Villains

Inside The Villains by Clotilde Perrin

We all know of the Big Bad Wolf, we’ve all heard of the mythical Giant, and everybody knows a story or two about the Witch, but how well do we know them? In this absolutely stunning picture book (for adults, too!) Clotilde Perrin brings to vivid life the fantastical characters that have always been the cornerstone of fairytales. “Pop up” doesn’t do this interactive experience justice, as each page is full of expanding paper, string, hidden flaps and spirals and layer on layer of detail that describes the anatomy and key features of each villain, accompanied by an iconic story of each. Hilarious, dark, witty and artistically wonderful, this picture book one of a kind.


Recommended by Esmeralda

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