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Book of The Week: Magnus Chase and The Ship of The Dead

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Magnus Chase and The Ship of The Dead by Rick Riordan


Magnus was always worried about how he was going to manage the sea voyage, but when your cousin is dating the son of the sea god, things should be fine right?  Of course by the time the team from floor 19 of the Hotel Valhalla are ready to sail, Magnus still feels like he hasn’t got a chance of stopping Loki from setting off Ragnorak.  And with the gods being what they are, who cares about the end of the universe when there’s a good fight in the offing!  No Thor, we have to protect humanity, remember?

So with Malory, TJ, Gunderson, Samirah, Hearthstone, Blitzen and the entirely too confusing Alex Fierra at  his side, Magnus sets sail in the big yellow banana (stay with me here) to Jorvik.  Battling sea monsters (and sea gods?), giants, zombies and dragons (oh my) across the nine worlds (or at least 3 of them, we think) for the final showdown with Loki.

Well worth the wait.


Recommended by Antonia


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