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Book of The Week: Mort(e)

////Book of The Week: Mort(e)

Mort(e) by Robert Repino


Sebastian is a house cat who loves this neighbour Sheba, a beautiful dog. He also loves his family until things start to change. The father becomes paranoid and dangerous, the mother and children more cautious and afraid. But Sebastian too is changing, growing in both body and understanding. Sebastian gains human intelligence, the ability to speak, the ability to walk upright, opposable thumbs. Sebastian, and all the other animals, are facing their owners as equals, and they are not thrilled at the way they’ve been treated. Some less thrilled than others. Now there will be war. A weirdly brilliant and original sci-fi adventure with a complex view of the world. How will you answer your animals if they gain the ability to question you? Just brilliant!
Recommended by Antonia

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