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Book Of The Week: Oi Duck-Billed Platypus!

///Book Of The Week: Oi Duck-Billed Platypus!

Oi Duck-Billed Platypus! by Kes Gray

The fourth spectacular installment of the beloved “Oi” series – this book enters a whole new realm of silliness. Witty wordplay and ridiculous rhyming are abundant in this new story in which Frog, on their mission to seat EVERY animal according to what rhymes with their species (cats on mats, dogs on logs…) is faced with Duck-Billed Platypus. And Ostrich. And Echidna. And Giraffe. And Jaguar. Suddenly Frog’s task is a lot harder, and they might just have it under control by using first-names instead… that is until we meet a kangaroo called Geraldine Jemima Amelia…


Recommended by Esmeralda

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