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Book of The Week: Red Rising

////Book of The Week: Red Rising

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Darrow lives and works in a mining colony on Mars. He and the other members of his sect, known as ‘reds’, work in brutal conditions for the greater good. Although very young he is married to the lovely and vibrant Eo. Young and in love they try to create special moments aside from their harsh reality. But they are caught and the unthinkable happens. Alone, Darrow agrees to undergo brutal surgeries and training to turn him into a ‘Gold’, the ruling sect of the solar system. Now he must survive to infiltrate and succeed in his mission. But can he overcome his own prejudices and emancipate all of humanity? The first in a brilliant trilogy (very soon to be a quartet), this is original and moving sci-fi. Fantastic!


Recommended by Antonia


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