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Book Of The Week: The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club

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In a world of magic, mystery and exploration a baby girl is rescued from the frigid wastes of the Arctic by the famous, and slightly odd, explorer: Felix Pearl.  Felix gave his new daughter his last name, but asked the fairies to give her a first name.  The fairies gave her two: Stella Starflake, and it was these two names that made Stella realise that she was destined to be an Explorer, like her father.  One teensy problem though, only humans (or half-humans in the case of Stella’s best friend, Beanie) of the male persuasion have ever been admitted to any of the Explorers’ Clubs.  Stella Starflake Pearl, however, fully intends to break the rules and her father is happy to help.

As Stella and her friends join the grown-ups on their first expedition, they are excited to see what the frozen Icelands hold in store.  But when the children are separated from the adults in a strange accident, they will need to use all the skills at their disposal to outwit the strange creatures the meet on the way and find their way home.

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