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Book of The Week: The Story of Brexit

///Book of The Week: The Story of Brexit

The Story of Brexit (A Ladybird Book)

We know and love the spoof Ladybird series, and The story of Brexit is one of its many gems. Like always, one finishes the book exactly as mystified as when they began it, and like always, their day is far brighter for it. Not-so-officially explaining Brexit in a parody vintage children’s book format, this hilarious addition discusses how difficult we would have found it to source Monster Munch crisps in mainland Europe, the current state of affairs in the ex-Prime Minister’s nice, secluded shed, and how to prepare for homegrown militia who will intern you for not knowing the fourth verse of the national anthem. Brexiteer, remainer, bremoaner, remoaner or brexorcist, we’re all in this together.


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