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Book of The Week: The Wrath & The Dawn

////Book of The Week: The Wrath & The Dawn


The Wrath & The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh

Shahrzad’s best friend is the latest victim of Khorasan’s sombre young ruler, Khalid. Every day, without explanation, he takes a wife and by sunrise the next morning, she is hanged. Shahrzad wants to break that cycle, and kill Khalid. She volunteers herself, and with her wits and ferocity buys herself what no girl has been granted before: time. With revenge finally in her reach Shahrzad realises that not all may be as it seems – to her dismay, she begins to genuinely capture her captor’s heart, and feel the tug on her own. Resolved to kill him, but haunted by the feeling that there is more at work than she knows, Shahrzad must choose their fates, before another force does… This book is an epic ride of fantasy, tenderness, and strength, full of colourful characters and rich with magic. Pick. It. Up!


Recommended by Esmeralda


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